emphasizing ideas

While most academic writing is cautious in tone, using hedging techniques to reduce the size or force of claims, it is sometimes necessary to emphasize a point for the sake of clarity. You may wish to emphasize in order to:
  • stress one cause or aspect over others
  • show that an opinion is strongly held.

The following are some techniques for emphasizing:

  1. Use emphatic sentence structure:
    • What the government must do is increase taxes to pay for services.
  2. Use emphatic inversions:
    • Only by increasing taxes will the government address inequality
  3. Use emphatic adverbs:
    • For Wilkinson, the government’s current taxation policy is entirely unacceptable.
  4. Use emphatic expressions:
    • For Wilkinson, there can be no doubt that redistribution is necessary.
  5. Use comparative structures:
    • Most importantly, unfair taxation creates social inequality.