body paragraphs

Body paragraphs make up the main body of an essay, that is, everything between the introduction and the conclusion. A 101 essay usually has three or four body paragraphs, each of which develops one aspect of the thesis (and one only). A well-developed and well-rounded paragraph usually contains the following:

  1. A TOPIC SENTENCE clearly stating the argument the paragraph will prove
  2. SUPPORT for that argument in the form of relevant and focused details, explanations, and/or examples. In 101, at least one of these should be a quotation and/or paraphrase from a course reading
  3. A CONCLUDING SENTENCE to link the support back to the argument and/or thesis, and/or transition to the topic/argument of the next paragraph
  • Paragraphs which are planned, structured, and written well help readers to follow an argument effortlessly
  • Logical paragraphing thus helps to establish your writerly ethos
  • Professional academic writers do not always structure their paragraphs in this way, but you will have to in ENG 101 (see the advice on “organizational structure” in the FAE Writing Criteria)(Bilkent students only).