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FORTHCOMING: “Teaching L’Opéra-Mouffe (1958)” Short Film Studies, vol. 12 no. 1 (2022), pp. 93-100.

“Virtual Varda: Sustainable legacies, digital communities, and scholarly postcards” Camera Obscura, special issue Future Varda edited by Rebecca DeRoo and Homay King, vol. 36 no. 1 (2021).

Adaptation and NostalgiaAdaptation vol. 13 no. 3 (2020), introduction to special issue Adaptation and Nostalgia, edited by Colleen Kennedy-Karpat.

“Cem Yılmaz and Genre Parody in Turkish National Cinema,” with M. Mert Örsler, Journal of Popular Film and Television vol. 48 no. 1 (2020).

“Self-adaptation and Transnationality in Marjane Satrapi’s Poulet aux prunes (2011).” Adaptation vol. 8 no. 1 (2015). 

Video Essays

FORTHCOMING: “Teaching Nearby, Learning Nearby” with Feride Çiçekoglu, Melisa Önel, and Fetullah Solhan. Open Screens, special dossier on Teaching Women’s Filmmaking, date TBA.

99 Years in Brittany: A Study of Cinematic Landscape (July 2020) Featuring original music from Dozi Ozovski.

Genre/Nostalgia/Quintana (January 2021) with Wickham Flannagan, presented at the Genre/Nostalgia conference, 5-6 January 2021, University of Hertfordshire (UK).

Book Chapters

FORTHCOMING: “Transnational Existentialism, National Resonance: Zeki Demirkubuz and the New Turkish Cinema,” with M. Mert Örsler. Companion to Global Literary Adaptation (Routledge, 2022) edited by Liz Ho and Brandon Chua.

FORTHCOMING: “Authorship Discourse and Lovecraftian Video Games,” with Serenay Günal. The Medial Afterlives of H. P. Lovecraft: Comic, Film, TV, Podcast, Games (Palgrave, 2022) edited by Tim Lanzendörfer and Max Dreysse Passos de Carvalho.

“Technoscience and the Sci-Fidelity Turn in Hollywood,” with Shahrzad Seyfafjehi. Let’s Write About Science! (Peter Lang, 2021), ed. Lutz Peschke.

Agnès Varda and the Singular Feminine.” Female Agencies and Subjectivities in Film and Television (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), ed. Digdem Sezen, Feride Çiçekoglu, Aslı Tunç, and Ebru Thwaites Diken.

Performance and Prestige in the Biopic, or Stardom and Statuettes,” in A Companion to the Biopic (Wiley, 2019) edited by Deborah Cartmell and Ashley D. Polasek

“Adaptation and Systems of Cultural Value,” with Eric Sandberg, in Adaptation, Awards Culture, and the Value of Prestige (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

“Trash Cinema and Oscar Gold: Quentin Tarantino, Intertextuality, and Industry Prestige,” in Adaptation, Awards Culture, and the Value of Prestige (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).

Generation Kill and the New Screen Combat,” with Magdalena Yüksel, in American Militarism on the Small Screen (Routledge, 2016) edited by Anna Froula and Stacy Takacs.

“Bill Murray and Wes Anderson, or the Curmudgeon as Muse” in The Films of Wes Anderson (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) edited by Peter C. Kunze.

Profiles of Viviane Romance and Charles Vanel in French Cinema in Close-Up: La Vie d’un acteur pour moi (Phaeton, 2015) edited by Marcelline Block and Michaël Abecassis.

“Itto” Film review in Directory of World Cinema: France (Intellect, 2013) edited by Tim Palmer and Charlie Michael.


The Sustainable Legacy of Agnès Varda: Feminist Practice and Pedagogy (Bloomsbury, 2022), co-edited with Feride Çiçekoglu, presents research shared at the “Virtual Varda” conference in 2020 and adds to these chapters of original research a section of pedagogical essays devoted to Varda’s work in the classroom. The collection considers from a variety of angles what a feminist legacy might mean, and it discusses how her work contributes to its own continued relevance since her death in 2019.

Adaptation, Awards Culture, and the Value of Prestige (Palgrave, 2017), co-edited by Eric Sandberg, brings together a collection of essays that map the intersection between adaptation studies and what James F. English has called “the economy of prestige” in the culture industries. It examines how prestige shapes the adaptation process, identifies cycles of influence that generate and perpetuate prestige, and connects the practice of giving annual awards to the long-term process of cultural canonization.

Rogues, Romance, and Exoticism in French Cinema of the 1930s (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2013) explores cinematic representation of the exotic in French popular cinema between the World Wars. Winner of the Northeast Modern Language Association Book Award, this book argues that empire alone cannot span the full range of exoticist imagery found in these films, and that beyond its visual construction, exoticism also shaped conventions of narrative, genre, and stardom in French cinema of the time.

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Josephine Baker’s Cinematic Prism, by Terri Simone Francis. (History, 2021)

Paris in the Dark: Going to the Movies in the City of Light, by Eric Smoodin. (History, 2021).

French Cinema and the Great War: Remembrance and Representation, ed. Marcelline Block and Barry Nevin. (Journal of Popular Film & Television, 2018)

Stars in World Cinema: Screen Icons and Star Systems Across Cultures, ed. Andrea Bandhauer and Michelle Royer. (Journal of Popular Film & Television, 2018)

Agnès Varda: Interviews, ed. T. Jefferson Kline. (Journal of Popular Film & Television, 2016)

The Battle of the Sexes in French Cinema, 1930-1956, by Noël Burch and Geneviève Sellier, trans. Peter Graham. (H-France, 2014)

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