For more than a decade, Colleen Kennedy-Karpat (PhD French, Rutgers University, 2011) has taught film and media studies in the Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University. Since 2015, she has also directed the M.A. program in Media and Visual Studies, teaching graduate courses in film studies and advising a range of film- and media-related thesis projects. Her own research focuses on national and transnational film cultures, genre, stardom, and media adaptations.

Dr. Kennedy-Karpat serves as Associate Editor of the journal Adaptation (Oxford University Press), where she also helmed a special issue on Adaptation and Nostalgia (2020) whose introductory essay discusses the HBO adaptation of Watchmen and the hauntological nostalgia of Disney’s live-action remakes. She also served on the organizing committee for the online conferences Gender and Sustainability: Agnès Varda’s Sustaining Legacy / “Virtual Varda” (2020) and Teaching Women’s Filmmaking (2021), both hosted by Istanbul Bilgi University.

Her academic publications cover a wide range of topics in film studies, including the forthcoming collection The Sustainable Legacy of Agnès Varda (Bloomsbury), which builds on scholarship presented at the 2020 “Virtual Varda” conference with an added section about bringing Varda’s work into the classroom. Dr. Kennedy-Karpat’s previous volume, Adaptation, Awards Culture, and the Value of Prestige (2017, co-edited with Eric Sandberg), explores the intersection of adaptation and discourses of prestige in the culture industries. Her award-winning monograph Rogues, Romance, and Exoticism in French Cinema of the 1930s (2013) discusses the cinéma colonial and other cross-cultural representations in popular, pre-WWII films. Additional publications include an essay in Camera Obscura and a book chapter — also translated into Turkish — on Agnès Varda; an article on Turkish comedy star Cem Yılmaz and genre parody (with M. Mert Örsler); as well as essays on stardom and performance in the biopic; on “sci-fidelity” in Hollywood blockbusters (with Shahrzad Seyfafjehi); on Bill Murray and Wes Anderson; on Marjane Satrapi and self-adaptation; on the miniseries Generation Kill (with Magdalena Yüksel); and other topics, particularly related to French cinema history.

She has also made video essays, including  99 Years in Brittany and the work-in-progress Genre/Nostalgia/Quintana.

Dr. Kennedy-Karpat is currently working on multiple new projects focused on the films of Agnès Varda, a book chapter on literary adaptation in Turkish cinema, and nostalgia in transnational cinemas.

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