Student Projects & Advising

Advanced undergraduates in Bilkent COMD who are planning capstone projects in film studies, particularly topics related to media adaptations, film criticism, and/or national or transnational screen media are welcome to contact me for advising.

Graduate students at Bilkent completing the M.A. in Media and Visual Studies as well as students outside the program whose research deals with film studies, adaptation studies, stardom and celebrity, fan cultures, comics, or French cinema history can contact me to inquire about advising or committee service as an outside reader for their thesis projects.

M.A. Theses Advised

  • Magdalena Yüksel (2015), “Iraq War Films: Defining a Subgenre.”
  • Seza Esin Erdoğan (2015), “A Case Study of American-to-Turkish Television Adaptations.”
  • S. Taygun Özbıçakçı (2016), “ESports: Alternative Fandom Research in Turkey.”
  • Yasin Nasirov (2017), “Refraction and Essay Film: The Case of Alexander Sokurov.”
  • Aygen Ecevit (2017), “What Do Audiences Think About Literary Adaptations: A Reception Study on Turkish TV Series and Fidelity.”
  • Ceren Balcı (2017), “Technological Construction of Performance: Case of Andy Serkis.”
  • Gevher Ebru Çevikoğlu (2018), “A Case Study of Hollywood to Yeşilçam Cross-Cultural Film Remakes.”
  • Hamid Reza Farhat (2019), Post-apocalyptic dystopia in film
  • Deniz Özyurt (2019), “Film Score and Contemporary Nostalgia: On the Collaboration between Paul Thomas Anderson and Jonny Greenwood.”
  • Aysın Ece Acar (2020), “Individual to Societal Figure: Construction of Celebrity Identity in Turkish Media”
  • Gözde Uğur Özbudak (2020), “Critical Reception of Contemporary Biblical Film Adaptations”
  • Revna Altıok (2021), “Human and Nature Others in Animated Adventure Series”
  • Serenay Günal (2021), “Authorship in Gaming”