Currently, we are looking for graduate students who are interested in polymer modeling of chromosome organization. Students from physics, molecular biology, chemistry, engineering, or relevant fields are welcome! If you are interested in taking part in our research efforts, send your CV along with a short (i.e., half a page)  directly to P.I. (Aykut Erbas) via email. If you can write a short research statement telling me why you want to join us, it can make our decision process faster and easier.

Are you an undergraduate student looking for an internship or graduation project?

A student from any STEM field, who has a piece of knowledge of computer coding, preferably C+ or Phyton? If you are really motivated in doing research, we have always a project for you!


We are hiring!
Undergraduates, master and graduate student, and postdoctoral trainees who are interested in our research are welcome to join our quest. While master and graduate students should process their applications through UNAM-MSN graduate program, undergraduates and postdoctoral trainees should send their CVs along with a short research statement directly to P.I. via email. We do not require any previous polymer physics or biophysics background, but the prospective student/postdocs should be open and eager to learn a wide variety of computational and theoretical approaches, also some biology and chemistry on the fly. Experience in command-line-based operating systems and basic programming skills are a bonus. To get some taste of the problems that we are pursuing, visit our research page.