Electrical Machinery

Last semester given: 2019-20 Spring

Next semester to be given: 2022-23 Fall

Textbook: “Electrical Machinery Fundamentals”, S.J. Chapman, McGraw-Hill, 4. Edition (2005)

CAD tool: Comsol to simulate magnetic fields in electrical machinery

In 2019-2020 Fall Semester students developed the VHDL code to drive a 700 W BLDC motor with Hall Effect sensor feedback. Basys 3 board is used to develop the code. An electronic board between the Basys3 and the motor provided the interface. The 7-segment display of the board showed the actual speed of the motor, while the switches on the board determined the desired speed of the motor. Even though the project time collided with the COVID-19 closure of the universities, many students were able to complete the project fully using remote experimentation.

Subjects covered:

1. Magnetic circuits and materials

2. Permanent magnets

3. Transformers and equivalent circuits4

4. Synchronous machines

5. Induction machines

6. DC machines

7. Single phase induction machines

8. Step motors

9. Brushless DC motors