Click here for the presentation that we use in the BETS tutorial sessions for this service.

Tutorials for beginners

  • Tutorial for editing  pre-populated CV-Card theme sites
  • *** A very good starter video tutorial (requires registration but is free)
  • A long (2.5 hrs) but very descriptive tutorial on building a complete web site using WP. The theme and plugins, widgets used in the tutorial are installed on this server. 
    Click here for a timeline of the sections of the tutorial:
    • 00:00 – 04:17   Introduction
    • 04:17 – 14:13   Getting a domain  name and a hosting service ( you can skip these since you already have those)
    • 14:13 – 14:42   First visit to the freshly created site
    • 14:42 – 16:46   the Dashboard; that is the admin panel
      • 16:46   creating a web site
      • 21:11   changing the theme
      • 21:57   customizing a theme
      • 24:33   adding pages
      • 26:11   setting up menus
      • 27:54   setting up the home page
      • 35:35   using the page builder
      • 1:04:16 adding headlines
      • 1:08:19 adding featured sections
      • 1:27:54 adding a logo
      • 2:09:23 adding a “Contacts” page with a map and contact form (widgets)
      • 2:15:08 adding videos
      • 2:25:01 tips for responsiveness
  • WordPress lessons (official WP training)
  • : a rich video tutorial library
  • WordPress Menus
  • How to create a basic image gallery
  • Creating a web site with WordPress

Publishing your new web site

In order for the search engines find and index your new site, there must be links on the global web pointing to this site. Bilkent’s departmental web sites usually have sections titled “People”, “Staff”, “Faculty”, etc. These are very good places to mention and point to your site. Please contact the webmaster(s) of your department’s site.

Tutorials for the intermediate level

Advanced WordPress & CSS tutorials