This service is intended to help faculty and administrative staff to build and maintain their personal web sites during their stay at Bilkent.

Although we call these sites “personal”, the contents of the sites are expected to be in accordance with the prime objectives and ethical principles of an higher education institution.

For example, a “personal site” containing only soccer related content is not acceptable.


The service is only available to Bilkent staff and only during their affiliation with Bilkent University. An automated mechanism will remove all personal sites which do not belong to a Bilkent affiliate. Please make backups of your site(s) regularly and save the backups on your own computer(s).

Copyrights & Licenses

Please do not post or otherwise make available any copyrighted or licensed material on your site(s). If the copyright and/or license is yours; then it is up to you. If we receive any legitimate complaint about copyright or licensing issues, we might have to remove the content without a warning.


Since the personal site contents are authored, uploaded by the site’s owner; and the sites are password protected, all legal responsibilities of a site belong to its owner. Please pick a strong password and keep it secret.