BETS team will be offering presentation sessions to introduce basic WordPress concepts and this service to interested faculty and administrative staff. The seminars will be repeated as long as there is demand for these.

Currently scheduled seminars are on:

  1. 14 Jan 2016 10:00-12:00
  2. 18 Jan 2016 12:00-14:00
  3. 20 Jan 2016 14:00-16:00

The venue (HZ-60, on Main Campus) we shall be using has limited seating capacity; therefore we request an online registration through the page here. Registration requires a BAIS/STARS authentication in order to stop the spammers.

Watching the first video tutorial mentioned and marked with “***” on the “Tutorials” page (see the menu on the right), before coming to the the seminar, will be very useful for absolute new beginners.

The seminar session screencast will be published here (screen recording with audio).

Click here to Register