Once your site is created; it will have a minimal and standard content; which really doesn’t help the beginner level users much.

We have populated a bunch of  sample biographical web sites which can be copied onto your new web site to help you edit and develop the contents according to your own needs and taste. The sample data contains some generic images, documents, videos which you can replace with your own or remove all together. Some menus and postings are also included in the sample data. This sample data will also guide you through when you need to add more pages, videos, documents, menu items, etc.

If you want to use this sample data in your new blog, please follow these steps once your site is created:

  • Login to your site’s (or any of your sites’, in case you have more than one) administration panel (i.e. visit http://staff.bilkent.edu.tr/your_site_name/wp-admin ),
  • Click “CUA Backup/Restore” on the administration panel,
  • You’ll see a list of available sample site files,
  • Click the “Import Contents To” link of the sample site you want to import,
  • Select a destination site,
  • Click the “Start Restore” button,
  • Login to the administration panel of this destination site,
  • Click “Settings – General”,
  • Change the site’s name/title to something meaningful to you,
  • Done! Visit your site to see whether everything is all set.

After the Import:

The “Menu” items, any sliders, header images will probably won’t appear correctly or appear at all after an import. In this case, you will need to apply the procedure mentioned in the pages 54 and beyond of  presentation document.

If you cannot see the menu, please click “Appearance – Menus” on the dashboard and click “Manage Locations” tab. Then select a menu for the “Primary Menu”. This should correct the problem.

Correcting the looks of an imported site  is a good WordPress authoring exercise on its own!