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We are always on thepositions lookout for people with a passion for lasers, laser interactions, nonlinear dynamics, far-from-equilibrium dissipative systems, emergent systems or more technology driven efforts we are pursuing. Our activities involve both experimental and theoretical studies and we are open to both experimentalists and theoreticians.

Postdoctoral fellows

There might be one postdoc position available next year. If interested please contact Onur Tokel with email.

Graduate Students

Every year, we can admit one graduate student. Self-driven students with interdisciplinary interests and a strong theoretical background are highly desirable, given the nature of our work. In order to join, you must first be admitted to the Physics graduate program at Bilkent University. Please see the web page of the Graduate School of Bilkent University for admission information.

Undergraduate Students

We involve undergraduate students from Bilkent or nearby universities in research projects. The nature of participation can be purely voluntary or within the framework of a more formal course. Students with a strong affinity to analytical or semi-analytical calculations, with background in optics, electronics, and mechanical design are encouraged to apply. Please note that we can accommodate only a limited number of  students at any time, so only extremely talented and responsible undergraduates should apply.