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We are interested in studying fundamental light-matter interactions, encompassing a  rich set of experiments, from quantum mechanical state-selective laser photolysis dynamics to fundamental photonics, and in parallel, applying the resulting understanding towards novel micro/nano-fabrication technologies and optical devices.

An important effort is geared towards Cover image2providing solutions to technological problems. We recently demonstrated a new type of micro-fabrication method inside silicon, enabling truly 3D laser-written elements employing buried or “in-chip” functionalities, created without altering wafer surfaces. This is similar to direct fabrication of 3D objects, commonly referred to as 3D printing, capturing the public imagination on a scale rapidly approaching that of consumer electronics revolutions of the last decades. Notably, until recently, there was no method for 3D fabrication deep inside Si. We developed such a method, which positions us with the capability to create in-chip optical elements and realise a rich set of 3D architectures.  One example is the first truly 3D Silicon photonics elements, created directly inside Si wafers. A further exciting direction is the unique integration towards novel in-chip photonics and microfluidic devices.

Onur Tokel