CI 507 Educational Research

CI 511 Curriculum in an International Context

CI 542 Principles of Instructional Design

CI 551 Special Teaching Methods I: IB Diploma Programme

CI 561 School Service & Engagement

CI 601 Instruction: Perspectives and practices

TE 519 Classroom Management

TE 520 Instructional Technology and Material Design

TE 507 Subject Area Textbook Review

TE 526 Subject Area Research Project

BTE 501 Biology Curriculum Review I

BTE 502 Biology Curriculum Review II

TE 532 Special Teaching Methods in Biology I

TE 542 Special Teaching Methods in Biology II

TE 562 School Experience II in Biology

TE 572 Teaching Practice in Biology

TE 310/TE 536 Computer Teaching Methods

TE 556 School Experience I in Computer Teaching

TE 524 Guidance

TE 576 Teaching Practice in Computer Teaching