Complete list of publications of John Doe

Research papers

Finnman, A., Myer, B. (2010): Short sentences in Thomas Mann. New York. TCY Press. 239 pp.
Myer, B., Alvarez, H. (2007): Transformatión des Culturas Alpinas [Transformation alpiner Kulturen]. Madrid. Prensa PAT. 180 pp.

Further publications

A) Publications with peer review process

1. Myer B., Xantor, Z., Betton, L. (2011): Water stress in guard cells. Accepted for printing in: Plant survey. pdf-icon-small
2. Helms, B., Xantor, Z., Myer, B. (2008): Art and Science. In: The Art of Science, Eds. Xu, L., Fox,
A.B. (Canberra: A + S Press), 23-46.

B) Submitted publications with peer review proccess

Myer, B., Mierscheid, J. M., Buelow, V.: Stone louse in pleistocene. Submitted to: Medical Geology.
(publisher’s acknowledgement of receipt enclosed)