Backing up your work

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Backing up your site

It is VERY important the you backup your site and its contents from time to time. The best tmes for making backups is just after you have some changes to your site.

The CUABR plugin

This plugin will create a so called backup-set file which you can download to your own computer and store it in a safe place. A copy will be retained on the server for a while. In case you want to revert to a previous state, you can restore the backup-set on to the server. CUABR makes backups of everything related to your site.


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Posting is easy – Ver 2

Leaf fossilThe leaf fossil on the left is placed using “Add Media” button of the visual editor. This method provides betterĀ formatting control compared to the post’s “Featured Image”







And here is a nice video about Paleonthology: (To insert this video; we simply pasted the URL here.) The “Embed video” button of the visual editor also works and provides more control, though.