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Teaching & Advising

Theses supervised 

  1. Onur Altintas , “Bi-Objective Optimization of a Grid-Connected Decentralized Energy System”, July 2016, principal supervisor.
  2. Elif Akkaya , “The Refugee Camp Management: A General Framework and Clean Water Network Design”,  January 2017, co-supervisor.
  3. Nur Kaynar , “Equitable Decision Making Approaches over Allocations of Multiple Benefits to Multiple Entities”, July 2017, principal supervisor.
  4. Büşra Ökten, “Metaheuristic Approaches for Bi-objective Stochastic Optimizaiton of a Grid-Connected Decentralized Energy System”, August 2017, co-supervisor.
  5. Mirel Yavuz , “Two Approaches for Fair Resource Allocation”, May 2018, principal supervisor.
  6. Hale Erkan, “Balance in Resource Allocation Problems: A Changing Reference Approach”, May 2018, principal supervisor.
  7. Halit Metehan Dilaver, “A Mathematical Modeling Approach for Managing Regional Blood Bank Operations”, September 2018, co-supervisor.
  8. Bashir Abdullahi Bashir, “Generating Evenly Distributed Equitably Efficient Solutions in Multi-objective Optimization Problems”, September 2018, principal supervisor.
  9. Saliha Ferda Doğan, “An Exact Algorithm for Biobjective Integer Programming Problems”, July 2019, co-supervisor.
  10. Kerem Alanlı, “A branch-and-bound algorithm for airport gate assignment problem”, September 2019, co-supervisor.
  11. Deniz Emre, “Exact solution algorithms for biobjective mixed integer programming problems“, August 2020, co-supervisor.
  12. Damla Akoluk, “Ensuring multidimensional fairness in public service”, December 2020, principal supervisor.

Current students

  1. Bashir Abdullahi Bashir, PhD, ongoing.
  2. Tuğba Denktaş, M.S., ongoing (co-supervised with Dr. Firdevs Ulus).
  3. Seyit Ulutaş, M.S., ongoing.
  4. Egemen Elver, M.S., ongoing.
  5. Zehranaz Dönmez,  PhD, ongoing (co-supervised with Dr. Bahar Yetiş Kara).

Courses taught

  1. IE 485 Decision Making in Health care
  2. IE 400 Engineering Management
  3. IE 543 Multiple Criteria Decision Making
  4. IE 376 Production Information Systems
  5. IE 443 Multiobjective Decision Analysis