Expected Contributions

The most innovative aspect of the project would be its theoretical and empirical contribution to comparative politics literature with its findings based on Turkey. It will situate the Turkish democracy in a comparative framework with other Western democracies, collect a rich legislative data on Turkey, and initiate further research by compiling an original dataset.

Second, it offers a new approach by studying the link between Turkish governments and citizens in terms of the former’s responsiveness within the framework of opinion-policy nexus. Accordingly, its empirical contributions will enrich the Turkish politics literature. In other words, by examining to what extent citizens’ will and preferences shape public policies under different governments in Turkey, it will study a new area that has not been systematically explored.

Another significant contribution would be its data collection on legislative behavior in Turkey that has been a poorly studied area. It will hopefully contribute to the policymaking process with its findings based on a reliable dataset regarding government-citizen nexus in a democratic setting.