Two new journal articles published by CFL

The numerical study on nested hollow-core fibers was accepted for publication in Optics Letters. In this work, we investigate the optimum positioning of nested elements for near-IR guidance.

Another review work titled ” Multilayer MXene Heterostructures and Nanohybrids for Multifunctional Applications: A Review” was accepted for publication in ACS Materials Letters. We review the recent advancement in MXene heterostcutures.


Mahmudur Rahman @CFL

Mahmudur Rahman has joined to the CFL as a graduate student. We wish best of the luck to him.

TUSAŞ funded fiber composite project

Our industry-university collaboration “Development of high purity glass fibers for composites” is approved and will be funded by Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ). We are looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students to work in this project.

Arda Kurucu @CFL

Arda Kurucu has completed his long-term internship at CFL and now he has joined to the CFL as a graduate student. We wish best of the luck to him.

A new journal article published in Optik

The numerical study on chalcogenide hollow-core fibers is accepted for publication in Optik. A year long work by Asfandyar Khan is now available online. This publication is particularly important because it’s the first research work conducted by our group. This work is supported by TÜBİTAK (Project 120F003).


CFL in IEEE IPC conference!

Our work entitled as “Effect of the nested elements to the confinement losses in chalcogenide hollow-core fibers” is accepted by IEEE IPC 2021. It will be presented by Asfandyar Khan on October, 2021. The proceeding will be published by IEEE after the conference presentation.

CFL in IEEE RAPID Conference

Our work entitled as “Numerical Investigation of Confinement Losses in Semiconductor-core Optical Fibers” was presented at IEEE RAPID conference on August 4, 2021, by Mustafa Waqar Syed. The proceeding of the work will be published by IEEE next month.