Sample-Template Site

John Doe, Prof., Paleonthology

  1. Go to your site dashboard
  2. Click “News Tickers”
  3. Click “Add New”
  4. Give a name to the new ticker you’re about to create (in the box where you see “Enter title here”)
    Scroll down a bit to see the tags “Ticker Type”, “Ticker Mode” and “Global Settings”
    Click the “Ticker type” tab
  5. Locate the header “TICKS”
    Type the text of your first news item (it can have a LINK too; so that if the visitor clicks the news item, the web page pointed by the link will be displayed)
  6. Click the “+” button at the right to add as many ticker news items as you want
    Click the “Ticker Mode” tab
    Pick a scroll direction
    Specify a size for the ticker (you can leave values 0)
    Set a scroll speed ( smaller the value, slower the scroll)
  7. Click “Save”
    Make a note (copy onto clipborad) of the contents of the box at the top called “Short Code”. If you want the new widget appear in a page or a post, you will need to paste this “short code” into some place in the text of the page or post. In this demo case, we shall place the widget in a widget area of our template, therefore we shall not use this short code.
    Go to “Appearance” on the dashboard, locate “Ditty News Ticker” in the list of available widgets and drag it to a position enabled by your theme (in this demo, we chose to drag it into the bottom position of the sidebar). We could have chosen “Content Bottom 1” or “2” as well.
  8. Click “save” or “publish”